The First Suleimen Akdrashev Award 2020


The Suleimen Award was created with the firm conviction that the values inherent in sport, particularly in boxing, go far beyond the ring. WBC with the generous sponsorship of Suleimen Promotions, presents the first SULEIMEN AKDRASHEV AWARD 2020,

Suleimen, who unfortunately died at just 24 years of age, was an inspirational example for all those who knew him. He overcame obstacles, he never gave up and he dedicated himself to work in favor of sports, which earned him the so well deserved honor of being elected in Kazakhstan as young leader of the year. A child, who dreamed big and as a man, has left an even bigger legacy that will live on by helping future generations.

The WBC has received all nominations and the selection committee has finalized its process. There will be a special ceremony to present the winner of the award next July 1st during the WBC TALKS session.