The WBC Amateur Mercosur 4 Tournament continues to make great strides in Uruguay

On Saturday, April 13th, a new round of the Mercosur 4 Tournament, organized by CUBAP (Uruguayan Amateur and Professional Boxing Commission) and chaired by Sergio Marquez, took place. This tournament is the competition with the most clubs and boxing schools in Uruguay and is part of the WBC Amateur competition circuit.

This time, the event was held at the Maroñas club in Montevideo and featured 23 matches. Among the winners were Santiago De Freitas, Fernan Alvaro Correa, Bryan Ascarraga, Ruben Ezequiel Viera Ferrero, Lucas Conde Arias, Jose Bandera, Alfonso Palinski, Simon Roda, among others. In the women’s category, Valentina Maidana and Tatiana Da Silva stood out with their victories.

The event was a true boxing festival, with a packed stadium of around 400 attendees.