Another London boxing event promoting coexistence

Another great boxing event in London, organized by Gloves and Doves, was a big success. This historic night of boxing aimed to promote coexistence in Israel and was marked by the excellent work of Tony Milch.

The evening featured four international amateur bouts: England vs. Israel (Team Gloves and Doves). All the bouts were equally matched, delivering 50/50 cracking action.

First up Hamza Issawi (from Nazareth coached by former world champion Johar Lashin) vs. Koby Jones (From Gt Yarmouth coached by Tony Norman) it was back and forward with great heart and skilful boxing shown by both. The judges scored Hamza the winner in a non stop all action opening bout.

Next up was Rom Hirshman (from Tel Aviv coached by former world champion Hagar Finer, who also boxed an exhibition bout the same night). Rom boxed Anthony Enweliku (from London Military) again both closely matched with Rom Narrowly out working the London Boxer to get the Win on points.

The third bout of the evening was Siel Jerries (From Kfar Yasif) vs. Don Mole (From Broad street London). Don Mole got the deserved win on points, his fitness and stiff jab helping him get the decision on points.

The final bout of the evening saw an exhibition bout between Hagar Finer (Tel Aviv) and Jade Smith (Sheffield). The female bout was all action with both boxers hands being raised at the end of the bout showing the good spirit and unity that the Gloves and Doves show was truly about.

At the end of the bouts, all boxers gave speeches promoting the message of peace, unity, and coexistence through the sport of boxing, proving that diversity can unite us.

Tony Milch, the event organizer, thanked the WBC Amateur Committee and the entire WBC team for their support. He also expressed gratitude to Jon Arnold of ArnoldAsh, who helped sponsor the evening entertainment, as well as to Gallowglass Security, CST, and The Camden Boxing Club for hosting the event.