In Salto, Uruguay, a new date of the Mercosur 4 tournament was successfully held by CUBAP

With great success, another date of the famous Mercosur 4 tournament was held in Uruguay, organized for years by the Uruguayan Amateur and Professional Boxing Commission (CUBAP), whose president is Sergio Marquez.

Around 27 fights took place at the Círculo Sportivo Club in Salto, where the victories of Enso Silva, Sara Santos, Jorge Cabalo, Agustín Cuadrado, Nicolás García, Ramiro Achigar, Jean Rodriguez, José De los Santos, Marcelo Rivero, Sebastián Frola, Jean Anastasoff, Maicol Pereira, Alejandro Machuca, Leo Camissa, Joaquin Aguirre, David Cardozo, Agustin Silva, Ricardo Azambuja, Pilar García, Diego Carrozio, Sol Britos, Mateus Cuevas, Claudio Piriz, Leonardo Ortiz, Nelson Rodriguez, Kyara Macedo, and Belkis Olivera stood out.

“We had a fantastic boxing festival”, said Sergio Marquez. “There were great fights, a large audience, and it was broadcast on television with a record number of views on the platforms: more than 35,000 views.”

The event was organized by promoters Rafael Sosa Pintos, of Locomotora Box, and Sampson Lewkowicz, of Sampson Boxing, who have been supporting the development of Uruguayan boxing for years.