Cecil Page Honored with Prestigious WBC Lifetime Achievement Award, in the UK

Cecil Page of the Kingfisher Amateur Boxing Club was honored with the prestigious World Boxing Council (WBC) Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedicated service to the sport of boxing. The award was presented by WBC Cares UK Chairman Scott Welch and David Walker, the representative of Cleto Reyes merchandise, at the recent Kingfisher AMB home show in Great Yarmouth.

The Kingfisher Amateur Boxing Club has a rich history that began in 1964 when Freddy King and his friend George Page decided to start a boxing club in Great Yarmouth. Their first meeting led to the formation of the club’s inaugural committee, which included Freddie King, George Page, Duggie Dugdale, Roy Simmons, D.J. Hacket, M. Allen, J. Gorman, C.J. Bacon, and J. Greenwood. The club’s name, Kingfisher, was inspired by combining Freddy King’s name with ‘FISHER’ from its initial location in a local fish house on Exmouth Road.

Billy Moyse, the first boxer to represent the club, won his debut match in 1964. Among the early members was George Page’s son, Cecil Page, who has remained a steadfast member of the club long after concluding his amateur boxing career. Together with Charlie Jary, Cecil has managed the club for many years, contributing significantly to its growth and success.

Throughout the decades, the Kingfisher Amateur Boxing Club has thrived thanks to the unwavering support of its dedicated committees and volunteers. This non-profit club has continuously fostered young talent and promoted the sport within the community, driving its mission forward with passion and commitment.

Cecil Page’s Lifetime Achievement Award is a testament to his enduring impact on the club and the broader boxing community. The event in Great Yarmouth not only celebrated Cecil’s contributions but also highlighted the importance of volunteerism and community spirit in the world of amateur boxing.