Reaching across the world to unite people, WBC Cares, with volunteer members in 166 Countries, sends World Champion athletes into youth centers, hospital, gyms, orphanages and disaster areas with supplies and a message of inspiration.

Although we focus on youth, we also bond with compassionate,like-minded organizations  to assist them with their causes.

Since 2006, under the guidance of Jose SULAIMAN, we’ve been passionate about using our global platform to bring the principles our sport to others: diversity, sportsmanship and dedication.

We are not making World Champions we are making Champions of the World!


Scholas is an international organization of public good profit driven by Pope Francisco that works with schools and educational communities both public and private, of all religious and secular confessions to restore the educational pact.


Boxing teaches us respect and sportsmanship. Using those principles we send athletes whose values represent the sanctity of home and family to speak at schools, prisons and shelters. We provide literature and Suport for those seeking help.


Being alert and aware is one of the most important parts of combat sports. Using specially prepared handouts and presentations we take the message of social responsibility and safe driving wherever needed.


Safety and respect are important aspect of our sport. Whether your boxing or living a life that is social and full, good health is our first liberty. Our athletes take a very tender and intimate subject and educate the public in ways they understand; be it with hand outs, videos, posters  or just plain and honest talk.


Possibly the most important program in today’s society. Many of our athletes came from backgrounds where they dealt with this. Boxing  takes courage, and it takes strong people, those  who are familiar with the culture of bullying , to inspire our youth to deal respectfully with each other.

Using our athletes and offficials, and the material from the Congressional Anti Teen Suicide Task Force, we conduct panels and events in schools and youth centers to teach a different kind of courage. The courage of kindness.


We are affiliated with the World Boxing Council, the only combat organization to use random, VADA drug testing on our top athletes.  We have done PSAs,, using World Champions as spokespeople, visited hospitals, rehab centers, prisons and schools speaking g and giving out pamphlets  and merchandise supporting clean living. We believe drug free living is the only honest way to enter any arena, including life.