Successful Launch of The WBC Amateur Boxing Committee in Uzbekistan

With representatives from Germany, Australia, Malawi, Taiwan, China, Spain, Argentina, Hong Kong, Ukraine, France, Wales, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, the United States, South Africa, Poland, Puerto Rico, Italy, Mexico, Algeria, among others, the WBC Amateur Boxing Committee gathered in the “Tashkent 2” hall of the Hilton Hotel.

The meeting took place during a WBC global Convention aiming to inform about the progress, guidelines, and agenda the committee is preparing for 2024.

The main proposal of this committee is to organize what has been done worldwide on behalf of the WBC, to provide an institutional structure where information can be received and shared, and to build a common agenda for all those who collaborate or act on behalf of the WBC,” stated Marcos Arienti and Raja Amasheh, the committee’s leaders.

After many months of work, a consensus was reached on regulations that combine many elements and regulations globally. However, it is important to clarify that these regulations are not set in stone but are in continuous evolution. Boxing is in constant adaptation to changes, and so are the regulations,” both leaders summarized.

More than 20 countries were represented at this meeting in Uzbekistan. The official WBC Amateur page ( was introduced, along with an explanation of the WBC Amateur Event Authorization Forms, available on the website. It was also emphasized that this work is meant to serve the young and their aspirations.

This was a very positive starting point,” agreed those present. Arienti and Amasheh announced a proposed plan of action that includes remote meetings and a rich agenda of events.

They also revealed that WBC Amateur will collaborate with WBC Cares, led by Jill Diamond and Christiane Manzur, with common goals in clubs and neighborhoods.”