WBC CARES 15th Anniversary

Full of emotions, anecdotes, great memories and with thousands of stories and fabled tales, the WBC Cares program celebrated its first 15 years of life in an unforgettable event where Jill Diamond, its Founder and Suprema, recalled how this initiative was born and how throughout these years it has kept gaining thousands of heroes the World over.

“Jose Sulaimán had the dream of helping boxers but also children and young people. He always cared for them and for many years he did it privately and discreetly; however, he wanted this help to have even more strength and scope, so he decided make it official.

“I remember well, the first time I came to a Convention, it was in 2005 in Spain, where I arrived without a suitcase as the airline lost it, but there I met the unity and compassion of the boxing family, because in hours I already had a larger wardrobe than what carried in my suitcase.

“From that moment, my heart was filled with boxing, and I understood that this sport was the way to crystallize Don José’s dream, so we set to work to create a unique program, based on the principles of social responsibility and that is how WBC Cares was born. a truly noble program that, through our champions, seeks to bring a message of hope to all those children and young people who are going through a difficult time, showing them that just like world champions, with faith, effort and courage, any obstacle can be overcome,” commented.

Visibly moved, Jill recalled the first visit that the WBC Cares made, which was to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and which was attended by world champions Genaro “Chicanito” Hernández and Erik Morales, a visit that lasted for several hours as our champions visited every floor, every module of the hospital, not forgetting one single child.

Genaro’s heart was so full of love that he, several times he returned on his own account to bring gifts to the children, even to convince them to take their treatment and fight with all their might against cancer.

At this point and remembering our beloved “Chicanito”, the Director of the WBC Cares Mexico, Christiane Manzur, who was thrilled see and hear so many stories that have been written in these 15 years was emphatic in saying that being part of this The program is the best thing that has happened to her, since she has known the most beautiful side of boxing, the heart of monarchs like Genaro. So,  to honour our dear “Chicanito” we` ve created a commemorative 15 years mascot. A beautiful kangaroo that carries her baby in her bag and of course a Green and Gold Belt.

With emotions running high and after seeing Ana María Torres enter as Captain America, Jessica González as a mouse, Irma Garcia as Minnie Mouse, Zulina Muñoz as Wonder Woman, Pipino Cuevas as a clown and Isaac Bustos as Robin, the President of the WBC, MR. Mauricio Sulaimán, Jill Diamond and Christiane Manzur presented the first commemorative belt of the 15-year celebration to former champion Erik Morales as a recognition of his dedication and willingness to the program, which today combines as well as embodies thousands of collaborators throughout the world, adding hearts willing to give their VERY best.

The event was full of emotional moments, as well as personalities from the boxing family including Rey Martinez, Cesar Bazán, Lupe Pintor, Estrella Valverde, Saul Juarez, Mary Villalobos, David Picasso, to name a few, in addition to Daniel Aceves, Director of the FAHH for the Sports and the Olympic medalist Antonio Roldán.

To close this celebration, the guests were surprised with the mariachi music of the Citizen Security Police, who delighted everyone there.

Zoom Session: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/U9h2XW_elO1HLWulsaS-9tGWDRNjqyHSzwOPUv4Iuu2oTlP7LdpCpg_9UHwiXbw.7kLET1cRfxaCzwkS?startTime=1633363960000


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