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WBC Administrative Awards 2021

WBC Administrative Awards 2021



Man of the year / Hero for Humanity award – Carlos Slim 

His contribution with medical facilities during the darkest hours, his continued support to the Ring Telmex Telcel boxing program with monthly scholarships awarded to prospects to support their careers and 26 lifetime pensions to former champions and countless other humanitarian actions earned his this distinction .

Lifetime Achievement Award – Hubert Minn

For his outstanding career as ring official and long dedication and performance as the Chairman of the WBC´s Ring officials committee for over 20 years

The Good Fellow Award – Bill Caplan 

Uncle Bill as commonly referred to, is without a doubt the nicest person in our sport. Warm and candid, knowledgeable and characterized by his sweet mile

Committee Chairman of the year – Duane Ford

For his dedication and passion leading the WBC Ring officials committee and the members of such to relentlessly work in training, evaluating and certification programs with he aid of the WBC University and Remote scoring system with the support of Matt Podgorski.

Working Horse Boxing award – Jill Diamond 

Her unstoppable drive to keep social responsibility activities leading WBC Cares through its 26 chapters worldwide and her unique dedication to serve others by motivating all to make the difference .

Most valuable Player – Oksana Semenishina 

Her participation in a variety of committees and willingness to support the WBC activities all year around, every day, every hour has positioned her as the go to person with excellency in performance and growth.

World ambassador award – Houcine Houchi and Marcos Arienti

For their constant care to run WBC programs in their region with excellency and efficiency .

Lady of the Year – Joanna Aguilar

As chair of the “ 2021 Year of boxing “ program led the way to year around , worldwide celebrations integrating teams to celebrate life through boxing commemorating the so many anniversaries celebrated through out the year .

Committee member of the year – Kevin Noone

His participation in the rankings committee as well as the India and China committees have been a major factor for the WBC success in different areas .

Couple of the year – Daniel Van de Wiele and Olena Pobyvailo

An exemplary couple dedicated to our sport with kindness and always positive ways creating friendship and harmony

The loyalty and honor award – Mauro Betti

Mauro´s royalty to the WBC and his International championship committee and the exemplary administration of it makes Mauro a distinguished member of the boxing elite.

 Commission Humanitarian award – Abraham Mitra

Abraham Mitra, a man always willing to serve the ones who need it the most.

Humanitarian award – Juan Carlos Tapia 

The introduction of lifetime pension to all world champions in Panama introduced in 2021 is an example on how retired fighters may find light at the end of the tunnel

Humanitarian medical award – Dr Manuel Rodriguez Dávalos

For his dedication and leadership in research and creation of humanitarian actions to save lives.

Dr Finnerman Medical award – Dr Louis Rodriguez


For the humbling and discrete dedication to help and service members of the boxing Communitty in need

Federation of the year – Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation ( OPBF )

Successful activation of the area with its new administration based in Australia under the leadership of OPBF President Frank Hadley with activity in Japan, Australia, Korea, Philippines and China.

Commissioner of the year – Mike Mazzulli

For his nationwide and International leadership bringing the ABC activities to order and strength.

Commission of the year – Nevada State Athletic Commission 

Exemplary administration during the difficult times of the pandemic with the implementation of Instant Replay and hosting some of the most important events of 2021.


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