Suleimen Akdrashev, a hard working man, a lover of boxing, was inspired by dreams and goals. A born leader who was always willing to help. Despite having to cope with and deal with a heart problem from an early age, Suleimen focused and devoted all of his energy into supporting those who needed it the most. A young man who sought to promote talented athletes from the boxing world by giving them the tools to shine bright and intensely.

Suleimen, who unfortunately died at just 24 years of age, was an inspirational example for all those who knew him. He overcame obstacles, he never gave up and he dedicated himself to work in favor of sports, which earned him the so well deserved honor of being elected in KAZAKHSTAN as young leader of the year. Today his brothers Abragim Akdrashov and Kalikhan Akdrashov honor his cherished and beloved memory. A child who dreamed big and as a man, has left an even bigger legacy that will live on by helping future generations.

  • Call date: February 15, 2020
  • The prize seeks to recognize the exemplary behavior of boxers who, through their humanitarian actions, support their community in an outstanding way and constitute an inspiration for the whole boxing family..
  • Prize: $ 5,000 dollars and a miniature replica of the WBC World Champion Green and Gold belt.
  • Directed to: Amateur or professional boxers who perform outstanding actions in favor of their community.
  • Organizer: World Boxing Council (WBC)
  • Deadline: June 12, 2020


With the firm conviction that the values ​​inherent in sport, particularly boxing, go far beyond the ring, World Boxing Council (WBC) with the generous sponsorship of Suleimen Promotions, presents the I SULEIMEN AWARD AKDRASHEV 2020, which will be granted in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. All amateur or professional boxers or boxers are able to participate, whatever their nationality. They will have to submit a letter stating the reasons that justify their application.
  2. The application letter, will be presented in English or Spanish, and will not be longer than 1000 characters, in a personalized manner showing qualities and merits that justify your participation. In particular, you must answer the following questions:
    What is your motivation to practice boxing?
    What have you had to overcome in order to continue boxing?
    Why do you think you should win this Award?
  3. At the top of the email you must insert a photo type card, clearly write your name, your address, as well as your phone number. You can also attach to your letter a link to a website or to a document that illustrates what is described in your letter.
  4. Only letters sent by email to the address will be received before the deadline.
    Correspondence with the senders will not be maintained, nor any information regarding the election process, will be sent.
  5. The Jury of this award will be composed of five outstanding members of world boxing.
  6. The Prize will be awarded to the nomination that unanimously or, by a majority of the Jury’s votes, is considered worthy of it.
  7. The jury’s decision will be final and will be made public before June 24 through the page and on the social networks @wbcboxing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  8. A single Prize will be awarded to the winner, for an amount of US $ 5,000 or its equivalent in the currency of the winner’s country of residence, as well as a miniature replica of the WBC Green and Gold Belt.
  9. Since one of the primary objectives of the I SULEIMEN AKDRASHEV 2020 AWARD is the dissemination of exemplary behaviors of boxers, the contestants expressly authorize the contestants to use their names and their image as participants in the Prize for advertising purposes. The winner also agrees to participate personally in the presentation and promotion pf events organized by the World Boxing Council.
  10. By participating in the SULEIMEN AKDRASHEV 2020 AWARD automatically implies full and total acceptance, without reservation, of these rules. For any difference that may exist was due to be resolved by judicial means, the parties, renouncing their own jurisdiction, expressly submit to Mexican legislation and the Courts and Tribunals of Mexico City.
  11. Details published in Mexico City, on the web page