Jackie Nava and Mariana Juárez competing  for WBC Diamond Supremacy

Jackie Nava and Mariana Juárez competing  for WBC Diamond Supremacy

This morning the traditional “Coffee Tuesdays” painted pink, because as we all know, today is the international day against breast cancer, a fight that belongs to everyone.

At the WBC, we have joined this fight for many years because we know that this battle can be won as long as it is detected in time and, unfortunately, this disease has grown alarmingly in recent years; women between 25 and 55 have lost the fight, most of the time due to not detecting this condition in time.

October is the month dedicated to promoting information about breast cancer, a deadly illness that does not respect age or social condition.

Christiane Manzur, Director of WBC Cares Mexico, welcomed all attendants and thanked everyone for being able to give a voice to all the women who are in the fight. She exhorted all women to “self-exploration” starting from the age of 20, since this helps to know the normal structure of breasts and discover any anomalies that may appear.

She emphasized that prevention is the key, and that is why it is important to raise awareness in all women regardless of age, since they must understand prevention from childhood.

As part of this campaign, the President  of the WBC, Mr. Mauricio Sulaimán made a very important announcement, confirming the women’s fight that every boxing fan wants to see between two legends Jackie Nava vs. Mariana Juárez that will take place on October 30.

A fight between two warriors of the ring who are a benchmark of women’s boxing, who have made history of our sport and that this coming end of the month will contest the diamond super bantamweight belt designed in pink since the fight will be held in the month of The fight against breast cancer.

Guillermo Brito from Zanfer promotions was clear in saying that this is the fight that all fans expect, and he anticipated that it will be a war that no one should miss.

He added that this will be a battle with a cause, since a part of the profits will be directed to offer monographies tests.

For Jackie, -who should be mentioned was the first WBC champion-, the confirmation of this fight caused her a great joy because she remembered when the official announcement of the fight had been made at that press conference held in Coyocan, had to be postponed. Well, it was just in that month that the Covid-19 pandemic was declared.

For Jackie, facing Mariana represents a great challenge, because she knows her boxing quality, but above all of the warrior heart she has. She clarified that this fight comes at the best moment of both, because 20 years ago they were not ready.

On how to defeat Mariana, Jackie was clear in saying that the most important thing will be the strategy, so the team will study the skills, but also the weaknesses of her rival. Without predicting how the fight will end, Nava was clear in saying that this will undoubtedly be the best women’s fight that the fans might see in many years and that it will set a precedent for everyone.

After giving her impressions, Jackie stepped on the scale to do an “official weigh-in”performance, but to everyone’s surprise, Jackie did not give the weight with the sole purpose of giving us all the following message:

“The scale cannot calculate our weight because we are carrying a very large weight. A weight that not only I carry but that all women carry, this great weight, which is the fear of having breast cancer.

“Today I invite all women to remove that emotional weight that prevents us from self-exploring ourselves or visiting the doctor. Today we reaffirm the commitment to support each other among women.

This campaign is promoted by Cleto Reyes, launched to prevent breast cancer.

Magdalena Reyes de Cleto Reyes was clear in saying that women lose the battle against cancer because this  continues to be one of the main causes of death for women in Mexico and that it is precisely the fear of hearing an unwanted diagnosis or taboos touching our body, which prevents us from performing a self-examination or going to a doctor and reiterated: breast cancer is not going to beat us and together we are not going to be afraid of anything.” Reyes concluded.

Various personalities joined this great event and above all this struggle, who were forceful in saying that we must lose fear and be responsible for our body, which is our temple. Among them Tatiana Ortiz, Olympic  bronze medalist in 2008, María Teresa Ramírez bronze medalist in Mexico 68, Adriana Jimenez high-altitude diver and 2017 national sports award, María Luisa Valdez, commentator, Ana Patricia Arteaga tv host, and Lupita Contreras conductor of news channel 11.

Finally, the President of the WBC, expressed the love, admiration and pride that he feels for both boxers as he recognized them as part of the Green and Gold Family, reminding them that the WBC is and will always be their home.

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