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Historic strategic alliance between Electrolit and the World Boxing Council

Historic strategic alliance between Electrolit and the World Boxing Council

 At the magnificent Hacienda de Cortes located in the heart of Coyoacan, Electrolit became the Official Hydrator of the World Boxing Council during the signing of a strategic alliance which will slake the thirst and fulfil hydration needs in boxing.

This alliance aims to effectively inform all boxers, their teams, fans and followers,  about the advantages and benefits of having proper hydration, and the data, will be disseminated through audio visual capsules. They will include basic and simple recommendations on how to obtain better results in workouts, by hydrating with the correct combination of glucose and electrolytes offered by refreshing and rehydrating Electrolit.

For Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the WBC, this alliance is historic because never before has a boxing sanctioning body teamed up with a brand like Electrolit. He assured that one of the priorities, is to educate athletes about the importance of hydration,  since it is known that it is a key factor to achieve the best performance in world champions, as well as breaking the myths and bad practices that undoubtedly put boxers’ health at risk.

 He commented that a medical committee will be created to carry out a detailed investigation during the training sessions of the group of champions who will defend their titles, since these athletes experience great physical exertion during each training session.

Óscar Reveles Caballero, Electrolit National Manager of Sponsorships and Events, assured that the brand is honored to be named as “Official Partner of the WBC”, since Electrolit is a rehydrating drink that has been characterized by having the support of a medical formulation , created by experts, to help athletes achieve their goals.

He added that this alliance will work on three strategic points. The first is to create a protocol on the issue of hydration as well as publicize the importance of abandoning bad practices in hydration, in addition, there will be a great campaign of social responsibility and the sport will be promoted through the brand and the WBC in all parts of the country.

Dr. Ricardo Monreal, member of the WBC medical committee, said that many accidents inside the ring are due to dehydration and weight problems, therefore it is imperative to educate and make athletes fully aware of the importance of this issue since the 66% of our body is water.

For Dr. Monreal, this alliance is a great step forward for boxing, because today, together with Electrolit, thousands of athletes will be able to raise awareness, educate themselves and thereby prevent injuries or accidents in the ring. 

In this historic event, great boxers were present, including former world champions Humberto Gonzalez, Lupe Pintor, Pipino Cuevas, Rey Vargas, Miguel Berchelt, Mariana Juarez, Zulina Muñoz, as well as the current WBC super flyweight champion Lourdes Juarez, and Juan Pablo Romero who enjoyed a discerning tasting guided by Mario Silva.


About Electrolit:

• Electrolit was founded in 1950 to treat dehydration caused by illnesses such as diarrhea, vomiting and fever, and initially it did not have flavor.

 • Electrolit, increased its range of flavors in 2000 and in 2008 its presentation changed to the plastic bottle.

• As of today, Electrolit has 13 flavors: apple, grape, orange-mandarin, coconut, strawberry, kiwi fruit, lime-lemon, green tea-lemon, Jamaica, blueberry, guava and horchata; and has presence in various countries in America such as: United States, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia.

• The most popular flavors consumed in Mexico are: orange-mandarin, coconut and strawberry.

• Electrolit is an ally of Mexican sports, it has established more than 30 sponsorships to different disciplines nationwide:







Off road







Motorized rally


• Each year it supports more than 50 races of different length, from 5K to marathons.

• Currently, the 21K GDL Electrolit Half Marathon is the race with the largest number of national and international participants.

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