World Boxing Council Consejo Mundial de Boxeo Thu, 25 Feb 2021 00:06:47 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Miami will savour boxing this weekend! Thu, 25 Feb 2021 00:03:34 +0000 […]]]> Miami will savour boxing this weekend!

This Saturday the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, will be the scene of an extravaganza,  which promises to be a war involving WBC super middleweight champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, who defends his crown against Turkish Avni Yildirim, as well as the defence of flyweight champion Julio César Martínez, against Puerto Rican McWilliams Arroyo.

For WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán, this card shows that boxing is on firmly back on its feet and that soon the arenas and stadiums will once again be full of fans who will enjoy the thrills of sport.

Excited to think that the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida will be graced with the presence of 15 thousand spectators, he assured that fights like the ones we will enjoy on Saturday deserve the warmth and enthusiasm of fans. 

 For Mauricio Sulaimán, this card has captured everyone’s attention, as Saúl is a champion that people always want to see and who delights the public with great fights where he shows skills, dedication and power.  

He mentioned that just this morning he spoke with Avni, who reaches this commitment with a record of 21 wins, 12 of them by knockout and who vows that he comes with everything to win.

He also commented that the fight between Rey Martínez and McWilliams Arroyo is a boxing classic, as it reminds us of the great rivalry between Mexico and Puerto Rico. He said that Rey Martinez is the new Rubén Olivares and that his story still has many chapters to come. But at the self same time, it`s necessary to appreciate the silky skills that Arroyo brings, as he is an extremely experienced fighter who will not easily let go of the opportunity to conquer the Green and Gold Belt.


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“Roy” Herrera so proud of the Ring Telmex Telcel fighters Wed, 24 Feb 2021 23:57:23 +0000 […]]]> “Roy” Herrera so proud of the Ring Telmex Telcel fighters

The captain of the “Ring Telmex-Telcel” team, Rogelio Herrera, linked up with the specialized press on the traditional WBC´s weekly press conference, to talk about the fruits of this initiative.

It was established 13 years ago, as an economic support program for 24 boxers,  among amateurs and professionals, whose objective is for young people to concentrate on their sporting activity, but at the same time continue with their studies, In addition, to retirement fund. 

Roy is so proud to see the growth of each of his “Godchildren” -as he calls them-, as many of them have progressed to become WBC world champions.  Saúl Álvarez became an example to follow, plus former champion Miguel Berchelt, Ibeth Zamora, Mariana Juárez and now the new WBC champion, Oscar Valdez.

Roy congratulated new champion Oscar in a very special way, because last Saturday he conquered the dream that he had as a child, to be a WBC world champion. Oscar, who he described as a young dream fulfiller, yet disciplined, cheerful, dedicated and passionate about boxing, who makes him proud in his fight against another great fellow Miguel Berchelt. 

Roy was very excited about Oscar’s triumph, but it simultaneously pained him to see Miguel hurt. Accordingly, he stressed that today more than ever the “Ring Telmex-Telcel” team must shelter and provide all the support for Miguel, who he assured will return to the path of triumph. 

WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán, praised  “Ring Telmex-Telcel” as a unique example worldwide, since there has not been any other such a benevolent organization for our sport.

Mauricio also lauded the tireless work of Mr. Carlos Slim, Arturo Elías Ayub, José Aboumrad and Rogelio Herrera, who have helped so much and supported many young people who dream of glory and also for those who once reached the peak of success.

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Oscar Winner! Wed, 24 Feb 2021 23:50:55 +0000 […]]]> Oscar Winner!

 With a huge smile, new WBC super featherweight champion, Oscar Valdez tenderly embraced the Green and Gold Belt with a kiss, when it was presented to him in a prompt surprise Ceremony. 

“I feel deeply moved and happy. I have dreamed of this belt since I was 8 years old and today it is here in my hands. I would like to thank so many people because without them I would not be here, my dad, my family, my dear Roy Herrera and Arturo Elias Ayub who helped me to crystallize the dream of being in the Olympic Games. Eddy Reynoso who has been my mentor, my friend, my manager Frank Espinoza, of course to Mr. Mauricio Sulaimán, who has always given me all his support and to my dear Don José, a man who trusted me since he met me in 2012 and whom I promised I would become World Champion.”

Oscar dedicated this triumph in a very special way to his former coach, Professor Bonilla, who recently passed away and whom he remembered with genuine and deep affection, as his teachings led him to be the boxer that he is today. 

Oscar revealed that from the moment that the fight became official, he knew for sure that it would be a war, because the quality of Miguel would demand everything. So,  he worked alongside Eddy Reynoso and drew up a strategy that paid off. He also commented that Eddy’s guidance was crucial because when he saw that he had hurt Berchelt he was going to throw himself into the fray with everything, -as he used to. However, Eddy and his dad, astutely and wisely advised him to calm down and continue with the strategy, which he did.

When he knocked out Miguel, he did not initially realize how stunned his rival was. In his moment of supreme triumph, Oscar was celebrating.  However, when he turned around and saw that Miguel was motionless and did not react, he was deeply worried, because in the ring they may be rivals, but friendship and admiration are always there. He immediatly went over, knelt  and gently delivered an emotional message to recovering Miguel, whom he considers to be his friend and a fighter of excellence, assuring Miguel that he will be back very soon.

Oscar, who in all scenarios saw himself winning, confessed that emotions are still bubbling and fizzing,  so much so, that he has not been able to sleep well.

Asked about what the next plans are and if he sees a rematch with Miguel in them, Oscar made it crystal clear that he is not interested in facing the “Alacrán” again, since that night it was clear who is the best at 130 pounds and above all because he has to fulfil the commitments that the title demands.

 Nostalgic, he recalled that when he was a child and lived in a house in Nogales, he drew himself on a wall with the WBC belt and even wrote the legend “Oscar Valdez WBC World Champion.” This memory led him to confirm and exhort to all those present to fulfil their dreams, as they come true just as long as you work with passion and discipline.

Oscar thanked everyone who has taken the time to congratulate him and have been on this path to the world title and assured that one of his wishes is to continue supporting his foundation that aims to help amateur boxing,  and of course, defend his cherished Green and Gold Belt!

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Mary Salinas and Ashley Gonzales ready for war Wed, 24 Feb 2021 22:23:36 +0000 […]]]> Mary Salinas and Ashley Gonzales ready for war

 Everything ready at the José Sulaimán Arena in Monterrey for the great fight that the boxer from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mary Salinas and the Nayaritian Asley González will hold, with the NABF flyweight title at stake as part of a card presented by Uppercut Promotions of Juan Antonio Hernández.

Today, these warriors passed one of the most important tests, the scale:

Mary Salinas 51,200 kilograms

Ashley González 50,850 kilogram


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Has Yildirim got his number? Wed, 24 Feb 2021 22:18:18 +0000 […]]]> Has Yildirim got his number? 

WBC super middleweight champion, Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and the Turkish Avni Yildirim, had a face to face at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, both receiving  a jersey from the Miami Dolphins, depicting Canelo’s wearing the number 1 and Yildirim’s 58.

Many assumed that number 58 is because Canelo has that number of pro fights but no….it`s t another reason. 

The 58 is because in Turkey the Municipalities are located in numbering and he was born in the 58th, which is Sivas, so in addition to fighting for Turkey, he always carries his birthplace in his heart.

Avni Yildirim will challenge WBC super middleweight champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez on February 27 at Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Dolphins and Hurricanes in Miami, Florida.

Avni, also known as “Mr. Robot ”made his professional debut on March 22, 2014 beating Davit Ribakoni, and from that night on, he showed his great potential and quickly demonstrated his qualities.

By February 27, 2015, Avni became the WBC youth champion at light heavyweight by knocking out Giorgi Beroshvili.

 The Turk’s popularity grew rapidly and his knockout power was evident. So by August 2015, Avni made his grand debut in the United States, and following the winning streak Yildirim, he was crowned the WBC international champion defeating the experienced Jamaican Glen Johnson, a title he successfully defended 4 times. 

Ready to make history, on November 5, 2016, Avni faced Schiller Hyppolite for the then-vacant WBC international silver title in the super middle division, which he conquered via KO in a fight held in Munich, Germany.

With an undefeated record and conquering titles, in May 2017 the opportunity to contest the WBC international super middleweight title arrived, so Yildirim traveled to Mexico to face Marco Antonio Peribán, whom he defeated by unanimous decision. He defended the crown three times.

One of the most difficult nights in Avni’s career was the loss he suffered in a very close fight, which round after round turned into an up-string war against American Anthony Dirrell, where the WBC super middleweight world title was at stake. . Yildirim was unknown and Dirrell wide favorite. It was a great fight that unfortunately ended with a cut to Dirrell. Anthony won  via split technical decision. The last two rounds had been largely dominated by Yildirim and he seemed to be heading for victory when an accidental clash of heads led the referee to stop the fight.

The result was controversial, so the WBC ordered a rematch positioning Yildirim as the official challenger. This designation has been ratified in the last two WBC Conventions.

The Turkish idol knows that he is not the favorite in the match against Mexican Saul Álvarez; However, this is precisely the extra motivation Avni is looking for, as he recognizes that to make history and leave a true legacy in sport he must face the best and fight with his all his heart.


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Eddy Reynoso gets ready for a new war Wed, 24 Feb 2021 22:14:36 +0000 […]]]> Eddy Reynoso gets ready for a new war

Last weekend, Mexican coach Eddy Reynoso managed to help crown his second fighter in 2021. The first was Ryan García and the second Oscar Valdez, with a brilliant performance.

However, Eddy is already in Miami to be in the corner of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez when he defends his World Boxing Council super middleweight belt against Avni Yildirim.

This is what the successful coach had to say about “Canelo’s” upcoming engagement with ESPN KO during his arrival in Miami

“The truth is that at this level there are no easy fights. People  who know boxing understand that historically the worst defeats of the great champions have come in this type of fights. So we are motivated and focused on an ambitious project that we want to crystallize in September and Yildirim does not have to be an obstacle. We prepare as always to go forward as usual,” said Reynoso

Still ecstatic about his last great triumph, but already focused on his next challenge, Eddy also talked a little about the performance shown by Óscar Valdez.

“I feel very happy, because of what we did. We had a great fight plan, a great preparation, Óscar followed  it to the letter and the truth is I am proud of Óscar because he achieved one of his dreams and great to have been part of it.”


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Oscar Valdez is presented with his WBC belt Wed, 24 Feb 2021 22:10:09 +0000 […]]]> Oscar Valdez is presented with his WBC belt

Last weekend, Oscar Valdez Fierro managed to fulfill one of his greatest dreams of a lifetime by becoming a world champion of the World Boxing Council defeating one of the strongest fighters in recent years.

During the fight, Oscar showed bravery, courage, intelligence and a lot of maturity to dominate rival Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt. That same night, Valdez managed to show us that if we are convinced and fight with all our determination, our dreams are possible, no matter how impossible they may seem.

Yesterday, WBC representatives paid a surprise visit to Oscar to present him the belt that accredits him as the new 130 pounds champion of the World Boxing Council.

Oscar, with a big smile, appreciated the opportunity, dedicated emotional words and kissed the belt as soon as he had it in his hands.

The family of the World Boxing Council congratulates in a special way the fighter originally from Nogales, Sonora. We are sure he will be a worthy representative of the values ​​of the WBC, as Oscar has always distinguished himself by being a true champion inside and outside the ring.

Congratulations, champion!


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On this day in history, Floyd Mayweather was born Wed, 24 Feb 2021 14:36:34 +0000 […]]]> On this day in history, Floyd Mayweather was born

Floyd “Money” Mayweather was born on  February 24, 1977 in Michigan.

Floyd possessed incredible speed, accuracy dedication and tenacity. He applied the most important principle in boxing: to hit and not get hit. Floyd developed, possessed and brilliantly guarded an impeccable, flawless, unbeatable style. He retired undefeated with 50 wins and is considered among the best fighters in all boxing history.

Floyd`s first championship triumph was when he  contested the WBC super featherweight title on October 3, 1998 against reigning champion Genaro Hernandez.

He defended this title eight times, then deciding  to climb up to the lightweight division which was then ruled by José Luis Castillo.  Floyd defeated him by unanimous decision. Floyd then did it again.

Floyd defended crown on three successful occasions until 2005,  when he fought WBC super lightweight champion Canadian Arturo Gatti  stopping him in the 7th round.

Then, Floyd  won the WBC welterweight title against Carlos Baldomir. On May 5, 2007, he faced Óscar De La Hoya with the WBC super welterweight title on the line, becoming a champion in 5 different categories

Floyd faced and defeated elite rivals as: Manny Pacquiao, Marcos Maidana, Saul Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Juan Manuel Marquez, Ricky Hatton, Zab Judah, Jose Luis Castillo, Robert Guerrero, to name a few.

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Difficult “Diaz” ahead for Canelo? Tue, 23 Feb 2021 20:58:29 +0000 […]]]> Difficult “Diaz” ahead for Canelo?

 Prime Avni Yildirim- The Pride of Turkey and mandatory challenger of the super middleweight Green and Gold Garland,  has a “Wishbone Opportunity,” to become standard bearer world champion,  when he faces up to “Mighty Mexican” Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

 Although it`s a challenge of David Vs Goliath proportions, the Turkish warrior, has left no stone unturned and is hard rock sculptured, in his quest to accomplish the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” 

 This is what his coach and pillar Joel Díaz, declared to ESPN KO in the face of Avni`s daunting Labor of Hercules task…on Saturday night.

 “We work hard, we come prepared and ready for everything. We will encounter a very difficult task, but we are going to fight! Never for one moment think we are on vacation.  For Canelo is not going to enjoy or savour a picnic. Avni is a very strong man. He is motivated, he embodies the cast iron desire plus resolve to succeed. Don`t ever underestimate the Turk,  because he comes equipped for war. Styles make fights. We must go in to hurt Canelo. All or nothing!!!  We can’t and we won`t let this fight go to a decision.”

“We know that Canelo is the fighter of the moment, the pound for pound king and obviously we should not underestimate a monumental opponent, but sometimes surprises…happen. a king can be usurped! His throne can be stormed!

 “They have already shared the ring and sparring, in two camps that Avni was embroiled in. Yet, in a fight, with smaller gloves, minus headguards, it’s markedly different, so I ask Avni: ‘Tell me, how did you feel, what are Canelo’s strengths’ and thus we know, our master plan,  and we are so ready.

“Eddy is a great person, a great coach. He has a great team, you can see the product and the fruits of his labours, via Ryan Garcia with Campbell, and now Valdez. I didn’t think Valdez was going to beat Berchelt. It was a huge surprise he got the victory, but also the way and the nature in which he won, is a credit to Eddy Reynoso because Eddy devised that great plan, and he is the coach of the moment. So and accordintly, we ourselves plan WAR before PEACE.”

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Canelo and Yildirim face to face Tue, 23 Feb 2021 18:59:49 +0000 […]]]> Canelo and Yildirim face to face

WBC super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Álvarez will be defending his crown against his mandatory challenger, Turkish Avni Yildirim, this Saturday, February 27, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Both fighters were face to face in a promotional event, smack bang at fight location… the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Canelo (54-1-2 36 KOs) is coming off winning the WBC title by defeating previously unbeaten Briton Callum Smith in San Antonio, Texas, last December.

Yildirim (21-2 12 KOs) has been biding his time to fight for the WBC title once again, having lost a technical decision to Anthony Dirrell in 2019, due to a clash of heads resulting in a cut eye suffered by Anthony.


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