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Addiction Prevention with Rocky Herron and Miguel Berchelt

Addiction Prevention with Rocky Herron and Miguel Berchelt

In a fascinating and frank talk, DEA Agent Rocky Herron and former world champion Miguel Berchelt gave us  pause to reflect on drug use and the consequences which can not only affect the consumer but also the people around them.

Rocky Herron, who has seen and lived more than any human being should face, mainly along the border between San Diego and Tijuana, delved into the depths of his experiences sharing the pain and the shocking stories of thousands of young people who have lost their lives due to drugs. But not only that,…also babies born affected by their mothers’ consumption; little ones that unfortunately suffer from the first day of birth the agonizing withdrawal syndrome and that leads them to suffer excruciating pain that doctors can only control with doses of morphine.

Herron confessed with shame that the United States is one of the largest drug users and not only that, this consumption has been increasing year after year. He even revealed that only this last year USA have lost 90 thousand lives due to overdoses, a number that far exceeds the losses suffered in the Vietnam War. He clarified that Mexico, which is the main transit area, is succumbing to the evil and seductive lure of addiction.

Sharing a number of experiences that even seem to be taken from a horror movie, Herron said that this problem does not respect races, families, genders, beliefs, ages … it can happen to anyone, even to himself within his family, as he shared that his daughter, being only 11 years old, went every weekend with her friend of the same age, -he knew her family-, but never imagined that the 17-year-old son smoked marijuana with the consent of his parents, – even they got it for him.

The 11-year-old girl saw this as something normal, so she too became a consumer. This consumption happened in front of his front nose, with his own daughter and he confessed that he never imagined what was happening, until, after several years, his  daughter told him that she smoked for almost a year but that she quit when she realized it changed her negatively.

At this point, Rocky explained that various studies have shown that the brain has the highest growth stage during 12 and 25 years, so if drugs are consumed during this time, they change growth and therefore its functionality. Herron stated that wrong decisions can lead to physical and emotional deterioration that can lead us to death and this was demonstrated with heartbreaking images of mouths without teeth from addiction to crystal methamphetamine, devastated faces … lives and dreams shattered by addiction.

With all these testimonies, our guest obliged  us to reflect on what we want for the future, and  he insisted that it is up to each of us to say NO, and make the right choices; However, he clarified that it is EVERYONE’s problem that we must make it visible and attack from all directions, because for every a drug trafficker arrested, two Moore appear, and this will continue to happen, because as long as there is a consumer there will be someone who sells it.

With more than 400 guests to this talk, linked from different countries, Herron explained that drugs not only destroy the consumer but also the family, friends and all those who are close. He commented that he has witnessed children living in deplorable conditions, because their parents do not have a moment of lucidity or children who end up orphans exposed to all the dangers, for which he emphasized that the plague of drugs can touch anyone’s family.

For Miguel Berchelt, all these testimonies are heartbreaking, but they are also the reality that many young people experience, since he himself commented that from a very young age he had access to many drugs, he even confessed that he has several friends who ended up very badly; extremely talented boxers who did not become world champions because they took the wrong path.

Aware of this problem, the former world champion appreciated being part of this talk and above all being able to contribute something to all listeners, because only this type of talk can raise awareness of how destructive drugs are. He added that sport is the best ally for health, development, union between societies, social change, to encourage equity and inclusion, and above all to lead a healthy and balanced life.

Do not miss this great talk and share it if you can!

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