The Youth World Boxing Council’s purpose is to approve top rated championship fights for the future of many great, young prospects who are in the world of boxing today. These young boxers are one of the greatest concerns for people associated with boxing. They are brought from the amateur ranks to the professional field, where in many cases, their careers are put into jeopardy because their managers, trainers and representatives allow the young boxers to fight against more experienced and superior fighters. Most of the boxers lose these types of mismatches, and many times, very promising careers are permanently ruined.

The young boxers are pushed because of their good records and obvious talent before they grow to the optimal physical and mental ability to be authentic contenders for world championship fights. The boxers and managers many times are not willing to wait until the boxer is mentally and physically ready to accomplish his goals.

With the professional Youth World Boxing Council’s championship program, we will have an organization that will care for the boxers, open the doors for opportunities, and cover the big step from amateurism to world championship.

The Youth World Boxing Council’s championship program supervises fights in 17 weight divisions.