- For the first time in history, Julio César Chávez, María del Rosario Espinoza, Ana Gabriela Guevara, Lorena Ochoa, Hugo Sánchez and Fernando Valenzuela will meet to form a World beating team.

- The event will take place in Chapultepec, during the launch  of the Beyond Sport Mexico Communities Award.

- The concept will be called "Heroes of Mexico".

A unique setting for our Heroes of Mexico.

The organization of Beyond Sport Mexico is pleased to announce, in an unprecedented event, the meeting of six of the greatest athletes in the history of the country for this Wednesday, November 15 at the Altar to the Fatherland of Chapultepec Forest, in the concept called "Heroes of Mexico".

Julio César Chávez, María del Rosario Espinoza, Ana Gabriela Guevara, Lorena Ochoa, Hugo Sánchez and Fernando Valenzuela, are athletes who brought  glory and pride to Mexican sport. They will join forces to sponsor Beyond Sport Mexico, the first sport social responsibility event in the country which will take place from November 15 to 17.

Sport used as an enabling tool for welfare and social development is the perfect reason  to bring together these six stars, who inspired and gave pride to an entire nation,  with their fantastic achievements in different parts of the world.

In addition, these six Heroes of Mexico will be the inspiration for the recording of a video that will be shown at halftime of the NFL game in Mexico between New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders, to be held this Sunday, November 19 at the Estadio Azteca, in Mexico City. a tribute will be paid to the organizations that helped the Mexican population during the emergency caused by the earthquakes of September, among which are:

1.- Secretariat of National Defense
2.- Secretary of the Navy
3.- Civil Protection.
4.- Red Crus.
5.- Firemen Dept.
6.- Federal Police.
7.- Police of Mexico City.
8.- Rescuers.
9.- Volunteers
10.- Sportsmen

Altar a la Patria, one of the most revered  monuments of Mexico City, is the ideal place to gather the six most important athletes in the history of Mexico. Located in the first section of Bosque de Chapultepec, this majestic monument commemorates the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for the country: the cadets of the Heroico Colegio Militar.

The monument is made up of six huge columns of white marble, which are crowned by eagles. In the center is the figure of the Fatherland, which holds the body of one of the fallen heroes of Chapultepec, while another young man stands holding a flag.

Beyond Sport Mexico will see the birth of a unique alliance between the Chamber of Deputies, Beyond Sport, the World Boxing Council (WBC) and Alazraki Sports, in order to develop a unified policy aimed towards how Mexico can channel sport to create and maintain social well being nationwide.

The event will include a series of meetings over three days: a welcome reception on November 15 in the Bosque de Chapultepec, community. The next day the action will be at the Universidad Anáhuac Norte and the conferences of Beyond Sport Mexico in the Cultural Forum Chapultepec, on November 17.

Some of the speakers that will be: Melanie LeGrande - VP, Social Responsibility, Major League Baseball; Jessica Yavitz - Executive Director, Chicago Fire Foundation, VP, Community Relations, Chicago Fire Soccer Club; Beatriz Ramos - Marketing & Sponsorship Director, Tigres F.C .; Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir - Collegiate Basketball Record Holder & Human Rights Advocate; Arturo Olivé - General Director, NFL Mexico; Jimena Saldaña, director of Canal Once México.

A large part of the impact and legacy of this partnership will be the Beyond Sport Mexico Communities Award, where six organizations will compete for a prize of US $ 25,000 to continue financing their project.

Organizations that join the conversation include leading global brands, sports teams, leagues and federations, such as: the Mexican Soccer Federation, Scholas Occurentes, Televisa, Coca Cola, Tigres de la UANL, Toros de Tijuana, NFL Mexico, MLB Mexico , NBA Mexico, Lucha Libre AAA, Marca México, Universidad Anáhuac, Mexican Olympic Committee, UNICEF, MLS, Wasserman, Adidas, Club América, Deportivo Toluca, Professional Football League, Monarcas Morelia and Liga MX.

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