An array of current and all time WBC Champions impressively displayed their meticulous and hard won skills, at a brand new gym inaugurated at Escuela de Reintegracion Social adolescents "Quinta Del Bosque," in Zinacantepec in the State of Mexico.

Guests of Honor World Boxing Coincil President  Mauricio Sulaiman and Wife Christiane Manzur, who's the Chair of WBC Cares in They  helped cut the red ribbon, to cheers and hearty applause.  The WBC and Authorities,  helped in this venture.

The WBC has joined Pope Francis's  BoxVal initiative.  Boxing for Values, helps integrate youth globally, training, imparting  and instilling values.

with gym equipment generously provided by Cleto Reyes.  A huge heavy bag, a circular punch bag,  speed balls,  golden boxing gloves and head guards and a magnificent ring with blue and white ropes, stands ready.

The rules on a placard attached made interesting reading. The no nonsense list ordered: Respect, help, hygiene, respect colleagues, no spitting, don't fight your opponent in an unsporting way,  only permitted blows and never say I can't!

Mauricio encouraged the white tee shirted teenaged inmates, many of whom looked significantly younger than their  years by advising the can make a comeback and te-enter society by finding a way back to a meaningful life. And part of that can now involve working in a gym, especially provided for them.

By far the most popular part of the inauguration was when the boxing stars donned the gloves for some hands on action.  Judith "Peligrosa" Rodriguez bobbed weaved, ducked and hit the mitts skillfully.  

Belying his baby faced charm WBC super featherweight Youth Champion Eduardo "Rocky Hernandez, who's broadening out, hit the mots and pads with extraordinary and thunderous power, knocking the hands back of his trainer, Isaac "Tortas" Bustos, who's himself a former WBC minimumweight champion.

Ex  WBC welterweight champion Pipino Cuevas, a noted and mighty KO King, swept away the years, with a marvelous and popular display.  While Dante "Crazy Jardón,  who's a bundle of energy set a frenetic pace.

One of the young inmate called Ricardo, who'd previously participated in an indigenous dance of welcome, bare feet on cold concrete, gave a speech admitting mistakes, determining to work for a second chance and volunteering for a coaching session, hitting the pads with Coach Isaac "Tortas" Bustos.