A terrible sadness descends and envelopes, when a person, who`s still young, vital  and oh so promising,with their life in front of them dies, leaving a void, which can never ever be filled.

Salvador Sanchez Narvaez, from Mexico, was born in Santiago Tianguistenco on January 26th, 1959. Hewas the son of Felipe Sanchez and Maria Luisa Narvaez son, with two brothers 2 sisters.

When he was 13 he discovered his real passion andvocation, starting boxing and after only 9 amateur bouts, he instinctively knew it was time to become a pro.

From the very startSal proved what he worth, defeating elder and more experimented fighters. With an undefeated record with 18 victories with 18 KO´s, he contested for bantamweight Mexican National belt against the older, more experienced and battle hardened Antonio Becerra, and the Judges´final decisionhanded Salvador  his first and only defeat.

On April 15th, 1978. He fought abroad for the very first time in Los Angeles, California, against Southpaw, Juan Escobar, who turned out to be a wily, touch and dangerous opponent, sending him into the canvass in round 5, but still Salvador managed to get a draw.

In 1979 Salvador started to fight as a featherweight, proving this was his ideal division. He defeated top rivals including: Carlos Mimila, Jesse Martínez, Salvador Torres, Fel Clemente, Rosalio Muro, Rafael Gandarilla and Félix Trinidad, father of the man who would become world champion in the future, namely Félix Tito Trinidad. All these brilliant episodes,qualified him to contest the World Boxing Council featherweight championship, due to the great vision of the then President, Don Jose Sulaiman. The title was on the grasp of Danny Coloradito Lopez and despite the fact that Sanchez had all the odds against him, he come to the fight in wonderful mental condition, totally focusedand in magnificent physical shape.

His exacting graduation test came in on February 2nd, 1980 in Phoenix, Arizona. The champion was making his 9th defense. Super confident and at his bristling peak, Danny arrived to he fight with a record of 42 wins and 3 loses, among his victories were: Rubén Olivares and Octavio Famoso Gómez, both of them brutally knocked out. But on that fabled night, Salvador Sanchez surprised the world, totally dominating and overwhelming Danny, displaying power, courage, ingenuity and iron determination. So much so, that during a torrid and one sided thirteenth round, Referee, Waldemar Schmidt, wasobligedto stop the bout.

 “Sal extended his legend as champion, defending his WBC belt against Rubén Castillo, for then allowing Coloradito Lopez a rematch bout, which concluded with a KO in round 14. He also defeated Patrick Ford and Boricua, Juan Laporte.

Undefeated Puerto Rican WBC super bantamweight champion, Wilfredo Gomez, audaciouslychallenged, brimming  with a supreme confidence. After defeating an array of Mexicans, he was pleased to announce he would most assuredly be dethroning Salvador! In the super bantamweight division, Wilfredo was supreme, destroying all the fighters he faced.

The moment of truth one division higher up, came in on August 21st, 1981. That night Salvador give Wilfredo Gomez the beating of his life, earning the recognition of best pound for pound Supremo. After that fight, Wilfredo accordingly returned to his division.

Salvador madeanother 3 defenses defeating Pat Cowdell, Rocky Garcia and Ghanaian fledgling, later to become legend, "Professor"Azumah Nelson.

The world of Boxing, the sporting world, and the whole wide world was in a state of shock and acute grief, with the news that Sal had died in a car accident. More than 50,000 people attended his funeral to saya farewell.It`s a mark of the man, and due to the impression he forever left,that every single year without an exception, Salvador is remembered at the Santiago Tianguistenco Cathedral with a massin his loving memory.

Unfortunately, we could not and would not see the best years of Salvador. No rematch bout against Juan Laporte or Wilfredo Gomez; who have both come to Sal`s home town to paytributes to him. That was how very special Salvador Sanchez was!   Only....a battle only reserved for the Heavens between Salvador Sanchez v. Nicaraguan idol Alexis Argüello. It was never destined to happen on the turf of this Earth.

We must be grateful and thank God for the brief, yet spectacular and memorable life of an ALL TIME GREAT....THE ONE AND ONLY: Salvador Sanchez!


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