Lamazon tribute to Carlos Monzon




By James Blears
Eduardo Lamazon who came back home to the WBC, to present his book El Boxeo En Numeros has paid a fond tribute to his friend, the great Carlos Monzon.
Eduardo honestly recalls: "Carlos was a good friend of mine, but he was not very nice with many people in his life. That is why he was so controversial.
"Carlos Monzon had many personal problems- things that I know, but he never lost as a Champion!"

Carlos Monzon b Aug 7th 1942, d January 8th 1995, was undisputed middleweight champion for seven years. He successfully defended his title fourteen times. He fought professionally on 100 occasions. He had 87 wins, with 59 KO'S, 9 draws, 1 no contest and three losses. In his early career Carlos who was nicknamed Escopeta...or shotgun, lost to: Antonio Aguilar, Felipe Cambeiro and Alberto Massi. Typically he went back and set the record straight, by defeating each of them in rematches.
Carlos twice fought Rodrigo Valdes. The first time, only a week earlier Valdes' brother had died and Valdes with his heart and mind elsewhere, lost a fifteen round decision. The second fight was very different in nature, if not result, and an absolute thriller.
As the opening bell tolled, Valdes stormed from his corner right at Carlos like a guided misile. In a torried round two, he caught Carlos with a perfect right cross and for the first and only time in his fabled career the great Carlos Monzon was knocked down. Typically.... he got up off the canvass and fought back magnificently, comprehensively outboxing Valdes to win handsomly.
Asked to speculate about match ups which never happened, Eduardo uses his keen and honed analytical skills as a boxing expert and a TV Azteca commentator to provide an educated guess.
Carlos Monzon VS Marvellous Marvin Hagler: "I believe Monzon by decision, because the jab of Monzon (five feet eleven and a half inches tall, and a 76 inch/193 cm reach) would have kept Marvin at distance and it would have been very difficult for Marvin to beat Carlos."
Carlos Monzon VS Sugar Ray Leonard. Ray was at his superb best as a welter, but of course he defeated Marvin. Eduardo muses: "Very, very difficult question! Maybe in two fights, one each?"
But against the incredible Harry Greb, from way back in the roaring twenties Eduardo says Carlos Monzon would not have won. Eduardo states and with certainty that Harry Greb was the greatest middleweight of all time. Harry Greb fought 298 times. It's all the more amazing because Harry died aged just thirty two, from complications which set in during eye surgery. While Carlos Monzon's record although outstanding and magnificent, spans 100 fights.
Harry fought as a middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight! He's the only man to have defeated Gene Tunney. That was at light heavyweight! Gene who lost on a two to one newspaper decision, was so badly mauled by: "The Human Windmill,"that he has to spend a week in bed recovering. He defeated Harry in a re-match. His friend the great lightweight Champion Benny Leonard, astutely advised Gene, the only way to slow Harry down was to clobber the body. It worked!
In 1988, Carlos Monzon was convicted of killing his second Wife Alicia Muñiz. They both fell from a balcony. He was sentenced to eleven years in jail. Carlos died in a car crash in 1995. It happened on his way back from a permitted weekend visit to see his children.
A man of brilliance, great achievements, faults, deep imperfections and controversy.
Eduardo pauses for a moment and wistfully smiles: "Maybe the best memory of Carlos Monzon, is that just three days before his death, he invited me to have a lunch with him in the jail. It was unforgetable, and...it was just seventy two hours, before he passed away."


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