The uncomplaining incredibly courageous life and death struggles of children at Mexico`s Pediatric Hospital in the Tacubaya District of Mexico City, humbled and precipitated welling tears of admiration from the tough, hardened but never calloused boxers who`ll take part in the histroric Grand Slam Special, scheduled for April 1st in Mexico City`s giant Zocalo Plaza.

Champions and challengers donned blue scrubs and toured the wards along with Dr Armando Ahued the Health Secretary of the Federal District, chatting to and encouraging youngsters, showing their gentle kind hearted, heartfelt side. This is the third time WBC Cares has come to this hospital to donate toys and show their love as well as support for the battling youngsters, who range from babies to seventeen year olds. Paradoxically this hospital was opened in 1961, by President Adolfo Lopez Mateos, who also helped to establish the World Boxing Council.

Hospital Director Dr Carlos Arnaiz Toledo said: "The children love the visit of WBC Cares. It so cheers them up and makes them happy, and that is so very important. So we give our thanks."

Dr Ahued praised all the staff for their dedicated and caring work, explaining this hospital has the best burns unit for children in all of Mexico. He said: "Some children arrive here in very delicate condition and great work is done here to help them." Dr Ahued also commented that many children are patients here due to accidents, urging parents and families to work extra hard to prevent this.

WBC female heavyweight champion Alejandra "Tigre" Jimenez who`s Mother is a doctor, said: "The children themselves are the heroines and the heroes, and we as adults can learn from their bravery. They are ill or injured, yet they can still somehow smile. They are a true inspiration to me.

Flamboyant and extrovert National super lightweight contender Nery "Pantera" Saguilan, lingered at the bedside of a little lad, helping to unpack an Ironman toy and adjust his WBC cap. Nery really summed it up with the most sincere simplicity in a voice, which had an undercurrent of tremble, stressing: "These children persevere, fighting for their lives. They are the true champions, and the greatest most precious gift for us is their smiles!"

Twice World Champion Mariana Juarez, who`ll be contesting the WBC female bantamweight championship against Zambia`s Catherine Phri, said her neice had been brought to hospital very ill aged eight months but is now a healthy four year old. She thanked the doctors, nurses and staff for their professionalism, but also for their great demonstration of profound humanity.






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