By Mauricio Sulaiman
WBC President – Jose Sulaiman´s son

The Boxing Writers Association of America held its annual awards dinner and it was so nice to see the boxing community together, so humbling to hear the speeches which brought tears to many and for once to see promoters, managers, boxers, TV executives, trainers and anyone involved in the sport interact with the major players of boxing media from the USA. Congratulations to BWAA for a successful event which was clearly prepared with passion and dedication to honor the best of 2016.

What a wonderful week it was for boxing and magical night at Madison Square Garden with 2 highly competitive and dramatic fights which went down to the line and resulted in very close decisions and of course controversy. There are so many things that boxing can do to improve but simply zero intentions from a few to agree to change and modernize.

For many years the working journey was of 6 days per week and 9 hours per day. Then Henry Ford instituted the 5 day working week and reduced the journey to 8 hours. Productivity soared and today it is a worldwide standard. CHANGE CAN HELP…

I enjoyed both fights like I have not done in a long time. Four warriors giving their all to prove supremacy. Both were very close fights, high level of class and competition, in reality, none of the four boxers deserved to lose. Close fights will always bring critics to speak out and to blame boxing and point fingers but I choose to keep the great feeling I have after watching 2 great fights.

Fighters and their corners deserve the opportunity to know how the fight is being scored by the judges. The 4 & 8 rd Open Scoring was been used by the WBC for 10 years in most countries with incredible success. In the USA, only Texas and Arkansas have allowed this procedure. I know what Chocolatito and Jacobs would respond if asked if they would have wanted to know the scores during their fights Saturday night.

We are also into a pilot plan to have judged wear noise-canceling headphones or earbuds to maximize concentration and to eliminate all noise that could lead to subconscious influence.

WBC also has a rule for accidental headbutts deducting 1 point from the uncut boxer. Chocolatito had to fight 11 rounds with blood all over his face and going into his eyes and the impact such image has on judges when it comes to scoring a close round can easily be understood to go to the clean face, that is simple nature.

This boxing event was very special and I was proud to have received a blessing from Pope Francis’ Pontifix Foundation “Scholas Ocurrentes,” a non-religious foundation, to have the “BoxVal- Boxing with values” program present in this event. Four fighters, all from different countries, different religions but all sharing something in common, their dedication to philanthropy and altruism. Four exemplary persons who bring out the best of our sport and serve as role models in their communities.

The Commemorative BoxVal belt visited St Patrick´s Cathedral precisely during the great celebration of St Patricks Day in New York City.

Another gratifying fact was to see new sponsors support boxing. Luxury Swiss watches Hublot in the center ring mat! Energy Expo from Astana, Kazajstan…


I wish to express my sincere congratulations to Tom Loeffler and all of his formidable team in K2 Promotions. They are hard working and try to always do their best to have boxing moving forward.

Thank you and I welcome any ideas, comments or suggestions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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