This Saturday Madison Square Garden- the Cathedral of Boxing, hosts a fantastic evening, starring superstar World Boxing Council Champions Gennady "GGG" Golovkin and Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez.
Oscar nominated actress and activist Rosie Perez, who`s a New Yorker and an avid fight fan is counted among those who`s keenly anticipating the very best of the WBC.

Our President Mauricio Sulaiman met her prior to the Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao Superfight, and presented Rosie with her very own honorary belt.  
We chatted with Rosie about her love for boxing and her lifelong links with it:
1.  How did you first become interested in boxing?
My mother didn’t raise me but I would spend time on visits. As a child, whenever there was a fight on television (which was often years back) I remember everyone gathering around the television to watch the fights. I found it exciting and it made me feel like a part of the family. When Sugar Ray Leonard fought Wilfredo Benetiz, and Wilfredo loss, I was devastated on so many levels. I’ve been hooked ever since.
2.  Who are your heroes and heroines of the ring and why?
There are too many. But if I must choose… Ali - of course is and will always be number one. I appreciated his showmanship, skills, and his commitment to his personal beliefs.
Sugar Ray Leonard - loved his “ flurries” and just loved how he always seemed like the gentleman.  
Tito Trinidad’s heart was huge, inside and outside of the ring. He made you feel like you were part of his team rooting for all of his victories and standing with him during his few losses. Christy Martin is another standout.She validated women’s boxing and has an amazing record to back it up.
Amanda Serrano is a sweet heart outside of the ring but a fierce to be reckoned with as soon as the bell rings. A four division world champ and she’s Boricua!
Ann Wolfe is amongst the several women in the sport who are changing boxing fan’s perception. I could go on and on but it’ll be too long.
3.  How did Mauricio Sulaiman get to be on the show and what happened?
I pushed and pushed the executive producers of The View hard to explained that women love boxing. When I told them the history of the WBC and that I met Mauricio on a flight, they thought it would be a great idea to have him on the show. When he presented me with a personalized WBC belt he made for me I was completely surprised and very happy!
4.  In what way have you been able to help WBC Cares, which visits children in hospitals and also arranges events to raise money for them?
I’ve just recently joined Jill Diamond in going to inner city schools. Seeing those kids so engaged as they heard encouraging stories from the WBC Cares guests was amazing. Having sports a part of kids lives is necessary and so important in their personal development.  
5.  What did it feel like to try on the million dollar WBC Emerald Belt, which is now in the showcase of Floyd Mayweather?
6.  Have you every put on the gloves and tried boxing yourself, and if so what was it like?
I had to learn how to box because I kept getting my butt kicked as a kid. My older sister, God rest her soul, taught me how. A relative was training for the Golden Gloves (never made it) and taught her and she in turn taught me. I wasn’t the best but I had my share of victories. The best thing boxing taught me was heart and to never give up. Thank goodness those days are over! Lol! Now I just enjoy watching as a fan.
7. Have you ever interviewed any boxing stars and how was that?
I had the pleasure of interviewing Paulie Malignaggi and Danny Garcia before their fight for ESPN. It was easier than I thought. It felt as if I was speaking to friends in my living room about a fight. I loved it. And will never forget that opportunity.
8. For you what is the essence of boxing?
Boxing to me is life. It takes so much to succeed. Heart. Dedication. Tenacity. Skill. And your losses are just as important as your wins.  All of these elements are what makes up our lives. All of these things are necessary to be great at whatever you do in life too.  
9. Tell us about yourself, your career and what you`re doing now?
I’m currently filming a pilot for NBC. I’m also about to begin a television series called Bounty Hunters, in the UK for Sky Cable starring Jack Whitehall. I’m so excited and so excited to be working with Jack… Best of all, we will be filming in London at the same time Anthony Joshua fights Wladamir Klitschko! Yay!


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