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March 18, 2016


From Robert J.B. Lenhardt

WBC Secretary General:

To:            MBC ("Malta Boxing Commission")

Copy to:    WBC Board of Governors

Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council

Re:           MBC Request for WBC Affiliation

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The WBC has received communications from the MBC requesting affiliation with the WBC referring to MBC affiliating with the Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council.

I regret to inform that this action is not in conformity with the WBC Constitution.  Per its Constitution, the WBC is comprised of nine member federations:

African Boxing Union (ABU)

Asian Boxing Council (ABCO)

British Boxing Board of Control (BBB of C)

Central American Boxing Federation (FECARBOX)

CIS & Slovenic Boxing Bureau (CISBB)

European Boxing Union (EBU)

North American Boxing Federation (NABF)

Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF)

South Continent Federation (FECONSUR)

Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council is not a WBC Federation.  It is only a committee affiliated with the WBC, and as such it does not have constitutional authority to admit the MBC or any other boxing entity into WBC affiliation, and such requested affiliation was not presented to or approved by the WBC.

If the honorable Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council responded to any such request from MBC for affiliation – and at the moment the WBC has no independent confirmation that was the case – it would have been an innocent mistake.

However, the WBC again has no information from the honorable Eurasia Pacific Boxing Council that it has taken any action in this regard, and we do not assume that such is the case, as there may be a misunderstanding in this matter.  In any event, the reported affiliation is an error that must be corrected immediately.

Any request for a new federation or commission to affiliate to the WBC is a matter that must be addressed by the WBC Board of Governors in the annual conventions of the WBC.

Further, any request for affiliation must meet all requirements and limitations of the WBC Constitution, which requires that the WBC and each of its members respect the decisions and territories of each other.

We now understand that in 2015, WBC member federation EBU affiliated the Malta Boxing Association (and not the MBC) as a provisional member.  The WBC Constitution does not permit the affiliation of a boxing commission that covers an area covered by an existing member federation.

Therefore any action to affiliate MBC and the WBC would affirmatively violate the WBC Constitution.

That being the case, the WBC requires that MBC remove the erroneous statement of affiliation from its website and other materials immediately, as MBC is not a WBC affiliate under the WBC Constitution.


Lenhardt signature

Robert J.B. Lenhardt

WBC Secretary General

cc:  WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán


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