Friday, 19 September 2014



“Terrible” Morales vs “Maromerito” Páez is on!




The fight between Jorge "Maromerito" Páez and Erik "Terrible" Morales is set for March 22nd at the Arena Monterrey in Mexico.
This was announced during a press conference in Monterrey.
The card will be headed by Mexican legend, Erik “Terrible” Morales, aged 37 (52-9-0, 36 KO’s) and the son of former world champion “Maromero” Paez, Jorge Paez, aged 26.
“Many critizice me or ask me why I still boxing if I’m “old” and I have conquered everything. But my answer is that I want more. I don’t want to retire asking why I didn’t try more? I will face a young rival who’s very dangerous but I have what it takes to win and keep living my dream” Morales explained.
Páez Jr. fought four times in 2013 and won all of them, three by KO.
“I’m motivated to face a boxing legend like Erik Morales. I feel honored to fight him. I’m in the best shape and it's a great chance for me to keep growing as a fighter. I won’t lose this fight” Paez vowed.


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