The WBC continues its efforts to save amateur boxing






World Boxing Council Executive Secretary Mauricio Sulaiman, stresses the WBC will continue fighting to safeguard the integrity of amateur boxing, and against the AIBA monopoly (International Amateur Boxing Association).

He explained one of the major concerns of the WBC President, Jose Sulaiman, is not only discrimination and lack of justice that this means for the sport, but also the safety of the boxers.

He pointed out that amateur boxers risk serious injury if mismatched against professional fighters.

Jose Sulaiman, has termed AIBA as a threat to boxing for new policies they've adopted including:

- Prohibiting boxers who are not registered in AIBA to participate in the Olympics.
- Imposing a monopoly
- Restricting the participation of amateur boxers in the Olympics
- Prohibit different countries participating in the Olympics
- Delivering the Olympics to professional boxers
- Limit thereby involving amateur boxers
- Discriminating against countries with lower economic potential
- Prohibiting professional boxers who are not registered

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