Scholas Mexico President highlights the values of boxing for young people







Boxing for youth is open to all religions, races and social strata, through the Boxval program of the Scholas  Foundation  of Pope Francis, and due  to the efforts of its President here  in Mexico, Hector Sulaiman Saldivar.

 Hector  Sulaiman attended the Coyoacan Gym  on Thursday to be part of the art and game workshops plus the preparation of mexican trainers to replicate the art, sports and citizenship programs. This Is to extend the works of that foundation nationwide.

 He was accompanied by former world champions Pipino Cuevas, Guadalupe Pintor and José Luis Bueno, Edgar Mauricio Acra from Dif, Maximo Hadad, general director of the youth institute, Rogelio Garcia, sports delegation of Coyoacan and legislator, Sergio Mayer.

 "Scholas Mexico works to expand its presence throughout the country, supporting children and young people without distinction of social strata, ethnic groups or religions, promoting an education with values ​​and promoting a culture of encounter, social inclusion and in favor of peace. Only  then, will  the problems of insecurity and violence that affect our country be tackled,"

Hector   Sulaiman Saldivar explained that Scholas Occurrentes is an international entity that promotes peace and inclusion through an education with values, supported by programs in prevention and containment of violence, scholas , Art Scholas, Futval and Boxval.

"BoxVal is boxing with values. I have the support of my brother Mauricio, who's President  of the world boxing council and my son Hector. We know the theme for the methodology of this sport, because the champion is before, during and after and, we must be consistent with the values ​​for a lifetime.

Hector Sulaimán mentioned that Pope Francisco "Considers  that the country that has advanced the most is Mexico, with its incredible youth, in a globalized world we want the foundation to achieve inclusion, the meeting for peace and reconciliation.

"We have for the first time Mexican trainers who will reach all corners of the country.  Now we are autonomous for the foundation."

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