Greatest Show on Earth- WBC Exhibition to be viewed by millions at Mexico City International Airport!








An estimated eleven million people will see the extraordinary and brilliant history of the World Boxing Council, thanks to a unique Exhibition at Sala "C" Terminal one of Mexico City's International Airport from today until September 30th.

The Guests of Honor at the Grand Opening Ceremony were: World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman, Airport Director Miguel Pelaez Lira, Mexico's  greatest ever boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, plus women multi Champions Ana Maria Torres and Mariana "Barby" Juarez.

Such was the significance and magnificence, that the lineup of guests involved the Who's Who of Mexican Boxing: Humberto "Chiquita" Gonzalez, Daniel Zaragoza, Rafael Herrera, Pipino Cuevas, Isaac "Tortas" Bustos, Eduardo "Rocky" Hernandez, Lupita Martinez, Zulina Muñoz, Lulu Juarez, Francisco Vargas, Alberto Reyes and Rafael "Bazooka" Limon. And there were more!

A bejeweled part of the Exhibition are the WBC belts ranging from the original black and white version, to the Diamond strap reserved for superstar contests, the unique and priceless Huichol Belt and the most sought after belt all boxers crave. The famous Green and Gold version.

The World Boxing Council is by far the Sport's most prestigious and largest organization with 166 Affiliate Nations.  In a video, the Late Great Don Jose Sulaiman stressed this Championship Belt, established in 1976, is the zenith, the ultimate achievement in Boxing.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said Mexico City International Airport has been a focal point in the life of the Sulaiman Family, who've travelled The Globe over the decades for the Honor of the Green and Gold. There have been more than 200 champions during the history of the WBC since its inception in 1963.  Mexico's superstar among star constellations is Julio Cesar Chavez, and one of very greatest in the Sport's 300 years.

On the day Don Jose died, he called the Sulaiman Family which is at the heart of the WBC Family with the words: "I am with you, step by step, hand in hand."

Julio himself said he will forever be grateful for Don Jose, for having inspirational confidence in him, and giving him an opportunity when he was an unknown youth from the provinces.

Ana Maria Torres said the Sulaiman Family championed Women's Boxing, and the opportunities provided, were fundamental in helping  lift her out of poverty.  

Mariana Juarez summed it up by emotionally saying:  "Thank you to the Sulaiman Family and to the WBC Family for opening doors.  Female Boxing  is a reality thanks to you!

The exhibition which is the Greatest Show on Earth, includes equipment, photos, belts championship fight films and much, much  more, was already attracting passengers, and waiting families.

The hue and cry had gone up: "Quick, over there. It's Julio Cesar Chavez!"


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