The WBC recognizes Miguel Berchelt´s Trainer, Alfredo Caballero








que el manager se dé a conocer porque luego hay muchos muchachos que luego no saben a dónde ir, muchos piensan que ni modo que ser del sur e ir al centro porque allá esta Don Nacho (Beristaín), o hasta Sonora allá está el Caballero o a la ciudad con Jorge Barrera, hay muchos en Los Mochis como los Kochules, hay bastantes entrenadores".

Alfredo Caballero of Caballero's Boxing Club, is one of the most successful managers in Mexican boxing today.

He works along with  Miguel "Alacrán" Berchelt and Juan Francisco "Gallo" Estrada among others and he just became the second Mexican coach to obtain the WBC Trainer's Pride belt, for his work.

"The truth is that I am surprised, and it's great that we also get noticed. I am aware that the boxers are the main stars  as they are the ones who climb up into the ring, but it feels great to also be recognized for the job we do."

"This initiative implemented by World Boxing Council President  Mauricio Sulaimán motivates us. It makes us champions, and we will be even more motivated to support our fighters.

"It's good that the WBC thought about giving these awards. It identifies us, as many young fighters don't know where to go. Many of them think they have to travel to other areas to work. But in reality, there are many trainers  and many coaches willing to help."

Among the stellar fighters with whom he usually works, there are: Juan Francisco "El Gallo" Estrada; Miguel "Alacrán" Berchelt, Pedro "La Roca" Campa, Rogelio "El Porky" Medina, Julián "Niño Artillero" Yedra all of them from Zafer Promotions  and Max Boxing among many other young people who soon hope to have their world title opportunity .

" Upon returning home  my family is very happy, my work team and all this is due to the people around me. In this case my wife, my children, my work team, Orlando Plasencia, Germán León, Alfredo León, Álvaro Salcido, who always walk with me”.


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