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By Malte Muller-Michaelis

An important title fight for the vacant WBC Female Silver Superlightweight Championship  in Zurich, Switzerland between Prisca Vicot (France / Germany) and Judy Waguthii (Kenya) with Vicot's team who organized the title fight doing a "Moderate job," and Peter Stucki saving the day!

There was scant communication between Vicot's manager and the promoter of the event, which led to a lot of confusion. The fight was close to being canceled because Vicot failed to present a recent MRI analysis.

The sanctioning fees had been paid, the officials were appointed and their travel was arranged and Vicot's opponent Judy Waguthii had traveled to Switzerland all the way from Kenya.
If the fight had been canceled Waguthii would have suffered most,  because she  would have been forced to return home without stepping into the ring and without being paid.

So to save the bout we helped to arrange an MRI which was done the day of the weigh-in and confirmed that Vicot was medically cleared to fight. Thanks to the priceless assistance of our good friend Peter Stucki,  who was in charge as President of Swiss Boxing and our WBC supervisor, the contest could go ahead as scheduled.

Vicot entered the ring expecting to win the title,  but she found out that Waguthii had also come to win. The Kenyan dominated the bout and won by unanimous decision (100-90, 98-92, 98-92).
After returning home to Nairobi, she and her team were welcomed by the Kenyan Minister of Sports,  as seen on the attached pictures which she posted on her social media account.

I am very happy and very proud that with joint forces,  we managed to solve the problems and give Judy the chance to fulfill her dream and take the Green Belt back home to Kenya. In some recent championship bouts, traveling fighters have filed complaints because they lost close decisions. Judy Waguthii proved that it is possible to fight abroad and win decisively. While Prisca sportingly accepted defeat and asked f or a rematch which Judy will surely grant her.

I want to express my gratitude again to Peter because this fight couldn't have happened without him,  as well as to the ring officials working the fight who all did a great job.


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