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On May 26, the Molier Theater will host the tenth Ring Telmex-Telcel card, where many of the Telmex-Telcel ring granted stars, who've made their mark,  will be showing the results of the innovative help which advanced them.
This program was the brainwave of two great men. Don Jose Sulaiman and Mr. Carlos Slim, who had the vision to support and promote this sport through this program, which was born on June 8, 2008.

Since then it's  benefited an array of young and talented boxers with monthly financial support, as well as through multidisciplinary care, including the habit of saving.
Today, in the traditional WBC weekly conference, the attendance of some of the protagonists of this great card that wll be headed by Ibeth  Zamora and Melissa McMorrow fighting for the WBC flyweight belt.
The first to speak was Juan Pablo "Pivi" Romero, former Olympian who will have the seventh fight Of his professional career.
"I am very excited to be able to climb into the ring during such important celebration for the program headed by Doctor Herrera. I'm developing little by little and I want to give you a great show. Boxing is a hard sport but I dream of the world championship and I know that every victory helps."
With an undefeated record, former Olympian Elias Emigdio is preparing for his next contest during the Gala Ring Telmex with a rival, yet to be defined. However, this does not worry Elias because he knows that the opponent in front of him will be of the highest caliber.
"It is an honor to belong to the program, they give you tranquility and economic stability and therefore it is my responsibility to provide  positive results. I am a man of challenges and one day I will become world champion of the most important body, the WBC."
Jackie Calvo and Lulu Juarez, Both have something to prove. Both stated  that this fight is the opportunity they have been waiting for, and the winner will be significant one step closer to contesting the world title.
Calvo and Juarez already fought in 2014 with Lulu Juarez back then gaining  the points victory.
Also  in attendance, Eduardo "Rocky" Hernandez who's predicting his fight will finish before the final bell and that the WBC Youth crown most certainly stays with him.
"I'm grateful to be able to return to the ring after that accident to defend my WBC youth world title, I know my Filipino opponent is a complicated rival  with a great record,  but I'm preparing to give a great fight.
"My preparation has been much more complete, because I know that the commitment is greater."


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