Dr. Larry Izamoje is a Boxing Angel. He has helped his community in ways few do. He has contributed to WBC Cares, and created a private scholarship for his best young fighter and the boxer's coach. We are Proud to call Dr. Larry Izamoje, a WBC Cares Ambassador.
Larry tells us about himself, and just why he cares:

Q: Please tell us about your background?

A: I am a Nigerian,born 56 years ago ,the 4th in a family of 8.I hold the Bachelors and Masters degrees of the
University of Lagos, Nigeria and the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree of the Business
School,Lausanne,Switzerland. I am an entrepreneur with interests in sports consultancy, broadcasting, printing and real

Q: Why boxing?

A: You have to be fit to excel.You get applauded when you win and your head is bowed when you
lose.People are watching to see who you become and if not doing well, they write you off i.e count you out. You just
have to be fit in all you do .That interest saw me following the sport and as far back as the 80s,I was a boxing
columnist for the now defunct Concord Press of Nigeria. Indeed, I was accredited and was ringside in April 1987 when
Sugar Ray Leonard beat Marvin Hagler. Since then, I have passionately followed the sports and its practitioners.

Q:What other enterprises are you involved in?

A: My company,Brila , bought the broadcast rights for the Samuel Peter/Oleg Maskaev world title fight when it was arranged
for New York but following the postponement and movement to Cancun,Mexico sub-licensees could not hold on and we
withdrew but I was ringside for Peter/Jameel McNel in New York and our Image Management outfit played a big role when
Peter as interim World Heavyweight Champion returned home to his native Nigeria and Akwa Ibom state after many years.Don
King was in Nigeria with him and it was a great time for us and boxing.

Q:How do you use your media leverage to help others?

A:We tell their stories,build and get support for them . I recall that following a meeting in Las Vegas where he
complained of poor support, with our work and others also helping Sam Peter eventually got the support of the Governor
of his state at that time,Senator Godwin Akpabio , was received and promoted by the Nigeria Police and was received by
the then Nigerian President,the late Umaru Yar Adua. From Joe Lasisi ,former African champion that fought Virgil Hill
for the world title to Obisia Nwankpa that fought Seoul Mamby for the world title, we have drummed up support and still do.
I am now a patron of the Nigerian Boxing Board of Control (NBBof C) headed by Dr Rafiu Ladipo and readily publicize

Q:What is the popularity of boxing in your area?

A: Very popular.You find people ,particularly in different parts of Lagos, engaging in the sport because historically
the sport placed the country on the map of sports excellence long before soccer.We had Dick Tiger and Hogan 'Kid' Bassey
who were world champions.Anthony Joshua's roots are in Nigeria,you know.With him hitting the headlines, the sport is
getting more popular.

Q:Tell us about the amateur event you sponsored?

A: It was not an amatuer event in the strict sense of the world as amatuer boxing events are co-ordinated by the amatuer
boxing association under the sports ministry .What I did was a Cares event with the approval and support of WBC Cares.
We got about 1000 fans to watch and 40 boxing loving kids to showcase skills under the guidance of coaches and be
further lectured by former African light heavyweight Champion,Joe Lasisi who also spoke on drug-free boxing. It was a
well received event as we gave out gloves,mouth guards, head gears,pendants, branded WBC items like pins, medals and the
green belt to the Most Valuable boxer,Sultan, an 11-year old the world should watch out for.  

Q:Tell us about your life outside the ring?

A: I like spending time with my family and enjoy country music.

Q:What honors/awards have you received?

A: Several for starting the first sports radio station on the continent of Africa. I was a member of my country's 12-man
Presidential Task Force that took our national team to the Soccer world cup in 2010. Apart from my academic degree, I
have an honorary doctorate,reason I am nicknamed Double Doctor.I have so many professional and personal awards,really.

Q:Why did you chose the World Boxing Council?

A: It is clearly the most authentic sanctioning body.Very thorough,does not compromise standards. No matter the title
you win,until you win a WBC title you are never considered a true champ.

Q:What are your goals? T

A.To put smiles on faces and fill voids through my professional services in the media and  wipe
pain off people's faces as much as my resources will allow.I also hope to be more active in the WBC and WBC Cares.

Q:How do you wish to be remembered?

A: As a man who made life better than he met it for so many.Thank you.

Larry Izamoje,DBA


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