The Convention Center of Tlatelolco, was the chosen epicentre,  where the World Boxing Council celebrated its fifty fifth anniversary in all of its glory, cheered on by "La creme de la creme," of Mexican and Global  Boxing.


Due to the encouragement of Mexico`s President Adolfo Lopez Mateos, the World Boxing Council was created in 1963, by 11 countries: The United States, Argentina, England, France, Mexico, the Philippines, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil. Following the initial and brief leadership of Lord Onslow Fane from England, the first rank of  Presidents were Mexicans Luis Spota and Professor Ramón G. Velásquez, and  Filipino Justiniano Montaño.


Then an historic era of almost thirty nine years,  with the Presidency of Don José Sulaimán Chagnón, who was unanimously voted to the job on December 5, 1975 in the city of Tunis in Tunisia. He  tirelessly worked and triumphed in consolidating as well as developing and evolving  the WBC into the most important boxing body in the entire World.  Today the WBC has one hundred and sixty six affiliate nations. And  our President  Mauricio Sulaiman, advances the WBC with great strides, strictly  adhering to stringent rules of health and safety  for all boxers the World over.


With the death of Rafael "Cobra" Mendoza last week, the WBC`s beloved and respected Director of Communications and History Don Victor Cota is the only person left, who attended that initial and inauguration Summit in 1963, in Hotel Prado Alffer in Mexico City, which was levelled by the 1985 Earthquake.  He recalls:


"The WBC`s history can be divided into pre 1975 and after that date.  Don Jose was the truly great pioneer and official in the history of Boxing. He built the WBC into Boxing`s most important body serving the Sport, creating a new form and innovative structure. I`m sad the Great Don Jose and others like Rafael Mendoza are not here today to see and enjoy the magnificent results. But so proud that Mauricio Sulaiman  securely and with dedicated skill,  firmly holds the baton in his hands."


In an emotional video, we remember the first rules that revolutionized  boxing, including: The reduction of rounds in title bouts from 15 to 12 rounds, the mandatory official weigh ins, one month, seven days  24 hours before the fights. The creation of intermediate divisions,  The four-rope ring, the glove with attached thumb, anti-doping tests before and after each fight sanctioned by the WBC, donations far exceeding one million dollars for UCLA to conduct  scientific research, especially into brain health, a specialist Medial Committee, life insurance and hospitalization provisions for all those fighters who participate in  title fights, grants of economic support for boxers, who`ve fallen on hard times, a pension program and so much more.


WBC President Mauricio Sulaimán Saldivar with emotion and pride, but also calm conviction, spoke of Boxing`s largest family and of his adored, admired and respected Father  Don José saying:


"Today is a very special day for me, I am thrilled  to see so many famous faces gathered to celebrate the majestic Green and Gold. Each one of you are the life and the very soul of the WBC. We  are 55 years of age. There have been so many  changes bringing about vital improvements, celebrations, farewells, evolution, transformation, dedication, passion, tears and supreme joy!   It`s a  story in which we have all been participants.


"Thanks to all of you, but especially to the boxers because without them we would not be here. Their courage fills us with pride and today we want to celebrate and thank them for so many years of glory. For me it`s  a pride, an honour and an enormous responsibility to represent them in order to continue with the great legacy of my Father.


"It`s a uniquely great day for the wonderful memories and so many achievements over the years and the determined commitment to continue doing the absolute best that we can do to make Boxing ever greater. Now there are so many things that we must do,  looking forward."


Former world champions  and forever greats Carlos Zarate, Pipino Cuevas, Rafael Herrera, Rafael Limon, Daniel Zaragoza, Humberto Gonzalez, Ruben Olivares, Jose Luis Bueno, Jose Antonio Aguirre, Isaac Bustos, Adrian Hernandez and Lupe Pintor were at this breakfast of Champions.  As well as the Cano brothers, Adrian Hernández, Saul Juarez, Jhonny Gonzalez, David Carmona, Eduardo Hernandez, Ganigan Lopez the former world champion Ibeth Zamora and  current champions, Lupita Martinez and Alejandra Jimenez.


In true Mexican style Leon Maricahi Band serenaded Nelly, the Wife of Carlos Zarate, who magnificently and emotionally sang the songs No Volvere and Un Sueno De Tantos.


What an extraordinary and fantastic event celebrating the one and only World Boxing Council.


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