For the past week and a half, a strengthening and empowering Scholas Ciudadania anti corruption and discrimination program has flourished in Naucalpan, Estado de Mexico`s, with the Nation`s  new Primate,  Archbisop Carlos Aguir Retes leading the Ceremony of culmination, contemplation  and inspiring enthusiasm.

The setting was beautiful Naucalli Park, where two hundred secondary students from eleven public schools and twelve private schools joined hands, hearts, minds, initiative plus willpower fuelled by youthful idealism, to ponder, tackle and propose ways as well as means to combat these two issues, which tend to blight and damage us all.

Debate exploring the issues, was followed by  the establishment of commissions, probing and investigating, via interviews, fact finding, consulting specialists, then leading to proposals and recommendations to elders who aren`t always betters!  This includes initiating a dialogue, encouraging family and community values through activities as well as sporting activity and creating a webpage. Also to challenge wrongs in a responsible manner, backed up by ethics courses with the help of specialists and volunteers.

Friday in the Park was attended by a line up which included:  Jose Maria Del Corral who`s the International President of Scholas Occurentes Foundation.  Its President in Mexico Hector Sulaiman, World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman, Liliana De Olvera who`s husband Edgar is the Mayor of Naucalpan, State of Mexico Education Secretary Alejandro Fernandez Campillo and Archbishop Carlos Aguiar Retes.

The bubbling enthusiasm, laughter, youthful untarnished joy of life and happiness, were a testament to the power of young people to change the future. They presented their findings via reports with energy, hope and a can do attitude.

World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman said: "The opportunity is here to learn. We are a circle and all of us are together. Everything starts with our own action."

Jose Maria Del Corral said: "I feel so proud to be here.  This is a big family.  You are the founders of all of this in Mexico. We need a country of young leaders, and people with critical thinking.  Together with dreams and work we will defeat corruption and discrimination."

State Education Secretary Alejandro Fernandez Campillo told attentive mostly young audience: "You are the future, but you are also the present!"

Liliana de Olvera said: "Thank your for this time and this experience.  It`s a seed planted which will bear much fruit.  Today a door is open to receive this work."

Archbishop Carlos Aguiar Retes said: "I`m so happy for the celebration of Scholas here.  We so need the strength of youth to organize help, change and transform  our dear Country, tackling the important problems of corruption and marginalization."

To confound the maxim of: "All work and no play..."  a selection of the VIP`S on the podium clumsily took part in a coordination exercise touching nose and alternate  ears as fast as their hands would carry them, much to the delight and merriment of the appreciably younger audience who are naturally more adept with these reflexes.  Being young and so vivacious acts as an example to us all that: "Life is for the living!"

Then the olive tree planting ceremony, which is the sapling that has grown from that seed, anchored with spades of rich dark earth shovelled into the tub, as the sapling swayed gently nodding in a light breeze, also  lilting through its taller cousins in the park.


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