The African Boxing Union (ABU)

Was created in 1973 by Colonel Hassine Hamouda (Tunisia) & Dr Fofe (cameroon) & Taieb Houichi (Tunisia) with the assistance of Mr. Pini (Italia) who was the secretary general of European Boxing Union (EBU).


Dr. Fofe was elected first president of ABU & Col. Hamouda was the secretary general / treasurer of the newly created organization in 1973.


Due to lack of financial support, the Supreme Council of Sport in Africa (SCSA) under the leadership of its secretary general Mr. Lamine Ba (Senegal) decided that the two bodies African Amateur Boxing Association (AABA) and the ABU which is in charge of the African professional boxing emerge in one and unique body called African Boxing Confederation (ABC) during the African games held in Nairobi (Kenya) in 1987.Conseqently the ABC was chaired by Mr. Taieb Houichi (Tunisia) and the professional boxing as a commission of 3 persons: Mr. Ogunbunfumi (Nigeria) as president assisted by Mr. John Coffie (Ghana) and Mr. Houcine Houichi (Tunisia).


In 1990 Mr. Ogubunfumi tragically died in crash accident and I took over the chairmanship of the professional commission of ABC until 1996 were we split from ABC and came back to re-launch the African Boxing Union (ABU). In fact the relations between ABC & professional commission were very tense and not good at all due the interferences of Mr. Abdelah Bessalem who was at that time the secretary general of ABC who created a lot of problems to us against the interests of the professional boxing in general.


Thanks to the help of the WBC and particularly of Mr. José Sulaiman, we are more stable and having our regular general assembly each 4 years. The last one was in 2011 in Lusaka (Zambia).


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