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wbcgrecaA1992.- England's Paul Hodkinson, retained the WBC featherweight championship after defeating American challenger, Steve Cruz, by TKO. The fight was at the Maisfield Leisure Centre, in Belfast, North Ireland. The Referee was Rolando Barrovecchio. The Judges were Bob Logist, Harry Croes and Fernando Paredes.
wbcgrecaA1953.- Lightweight Champion, Jimmy Carter, defended his crown, defeating Tommy Collins by TKO in round four. The bout took place at the Boston Garden in Massachusetts. After several knock downs suffered by Collins, a member of his corner got into the ring to halt the fight. The Referee was Tommy Rawson.




1977.- At the Forum, Inglewood in California, it was a fireworks clash of Mexican bantamweight Champions between Carlos Zarate (WBC) and Alfonso Zamora (WBA) in a bout scheduled for 10 rounds. Zarate got the triumph via TKO in 4th round. Referee, Richard Steele, intervened to stop the action. A funny anecdote of this bout was that a “streaker” danced up to the ring. Security promptly arrived, covering his shortcomings and escorted him from center stage.

WBC pays tribute to Raul "Raton" Macias (VIDEO).

raul macias22

March 22, 2013: Four years since his passing, after his last valient battle, his loved ones and his legion of friends at the WBC and elsewhere, remember with fondness tears and smiles, a great man blessed with the wonderful gift of radiating friendship. God Bless Don Raul "Raton" Macias.

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Ollie is fighting a saint!

hijo santo oliver john

March 22, 2013: Everything’s ready for the fight between El Hijo del Santo and Oliver John which will take place tomorrow in Mexico City.

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War of the flea! Chris Arreola knuckles down


March 22, 2013: Mexican/American heavyweight Chris Arreola, has begun the heavy stage of his training for his upcoming fight against Bermane Stiverne on April 27 in Ontatio, Canada

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K. O. Boxing of Manhattan, Kansas Received World Boxing Council Award

K O Boxing

March 22, 2013: Long years of hard work and sweat, put Manhattan on the world boxing map.

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Kucher and Postol win WBC International titles

Kucher Postol

March 22, 2013: Dmytro Kucher won a lopsided points decision to win the vacant WBC International Cruiserweight title at the Club sportlife in Kiev

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OPBF staged 5 title bouts in two countries

opbf 22

March 22, 2013: WBC's Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) has sanctioned four title bouts in Japan and one in Thailand at this time of the year.

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El Hijo del Santo and Oliver John face to face

hijo santo21

March 21, 2013: Hijo del Santo and Oliver John visited the WBC’s offices to promote their bout.

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