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1957.-Joe Brown defeated Cuban Orlando Zulueta by TKO in 15 rounds, defending the lightweight world title . The bout was at the Denver Coliseum. The Referee was Ray Keech


wbc grecaA1923.- Panchito Villa (Francisco Villarruel Guilledo) became the first Filipino boxer to conquer a world title...the flyweight crown. He defeated the brilliant but aging Jimmy Wilde, from Wales. Jimmy only lost three fights during his entire career. Pancho and Jimmy are considered as two of the best flyweights in all boxing history. The fight took place at the Polo Grounds baseball park in New York. http://www.wbcboxing.com/wbcesp/images/DayImages/grecaB.png
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1978.- Croatian southpaw, Mate Parlov, Olympic gold belt winner in Munich, defeated John Conteh by split decision in a 15 rounds bout. The fight took place at a packed to the rafters Red Star Stadium in Belgrade. With this victory Mate defended the WBC light heavyweight championship. The Referee was Rudy Ortega from USA


Jaguar up to scratch for Sal

andres gutierrez28

April 10, 2013: Undefeated Andres “Jaguar” Gutierrez is putting the finishing touches to his training, for the upcoming fight against Salvador Sanchez II.

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Mijares clocking up the sparring rounds

Mijartes Terrazas

April 10, 2013: Former world champion Cristian “Diamante” Mijares is training like a demon for his upcoming gem of a fight against Victor “Vikingo” Terrazas-- so much so that he's sparred hundreds of rounds!

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Showtime's All Access: Mayweather-Guerrero premieres tomorrow night at 10 pm EDT.

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April 10, 2013: "What I do is not reality TV, because it's not a reality show. A reality show is watered down. What I'm gonna give you is all access, raw and uncut."

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Mayweather- right on the money


April 10, 2013: After almost a year without fighting, the best pound for pound in the world, Floyd Mayweather is in impressive shape and he made pre weigh-in with no problem, 30 days prior to his fight, registering 148.2 pounds.

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'Yeyo' might face Miura in September


April 10, 2013: KO artist Sergio ''Yeyo''Thompson might face brand WBC champion and KO artisan Takashi Miura probably in September. Sergio is currently the number one challenger of the super featherweight division.

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IOC Response over WBC's Olympic Boxing Discrimination Claim Seems to Leave Door Open for Change of Heart

boxeo amateur

April 10, 2013: The International Olympic Committee appears to have left the door open for negotiations with AIBA, the international boxing association with responsibility for boxing at the Olympic Games

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Champions from past and present

rigoberto riasco

April 10, 2013: As part of the 50th anniversary of the WBC, we pay a fond tribute to our marvelous world champions- stars from the past, and diamonds-rough hewn or polished, that dominate the divisions nowadays.

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“I’m not intimidated by Judah.” Lion hearted Danny García

judah garcia

April 10, 2013: Current WBC superlightweight champion Danny Garcia has a crystal clear message to deliver loud and clear to Zab Judah.

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